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A fresh approach which improves employee engagement with a focus on employee led recognition.

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Peer to Peer Recognition

We're empowering everyone to say Thanks and share exceptional stories. McKinsey research shows effective reward and recognition is about more than just cash and vouchers, it's also about appreciation from managers and peers.

Integrated Rewards

Rewards can be linked to any message or value in ThanksBox, giving instant context around the achievement. Give your employees the choice of top brands through our vouchers library or internal offers such s free team lunches, company awards and more with our customisable rewards. You can easily control permissions, budget and track spending within the app.

Employee Awards and Nominations

Have your employees nominate their most outstanding peers directly through ThanksBox. We make automating, scheduling and sending nomination requests effortless.

Activity & Values Analytics Top Feature

Track the success of your intiative and build an understanding of the most important values & behaviours with our in built analytics. Check out a CIPD (PDF) case study about our work with the NHS.

Modular Approach

Introduce our tools at a pace that suits you. Whether you’re ready to launch everything or would prefer to lead with recognition and then bring in reward in the future we've got you covered with enterprise ready tools available across web, tablet and mobile.

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Top Features

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International & Enterprise Ready

ThanksBox is international and available in 11 languages. Make it yours with custom branding options.

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Tailored Onboarding

A successful Reward & Recognition initiative requires input from employees and managers. Our onboarding makes sure everyone knows the part they have to play in your culture.

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Mobile and Desktop

Access where your employees will use our app most; including on mobile, tablet and on Desktop.

icon showing Measure company values
Measure company values

We track your company values and help you measure them.
Read CIPD Case Study

icon showing Recognition Based Rewards
Recognition Based Rewards

Celebrate and reward your employees for their commitment to your company with rewards that can be given directly from peer recognition.

icon showing Secure SSO Integration
Secure SSO Integration

Our infrastructure partners are industry leading and fully accredited. We’ll also integrate with your corporate single sign on.

Screengrab of the thanksbox employee reward and recognition app usage showing charts
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How to launch ThanksBox?

Our launch managers are experienced in launching ThanksBox to organisations large and small. They'll ensure it's integrated with your current initiatives and provide comms packs and webinars to help you market your new initiative internally.

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