A peer to peer tool to connect the people and achievements in your organisation

Employee recognition

Create a Culture Where Every Employee Feels Valued!

No matter how large you grow, make sure your employees know they are your most valuable asset

Anybody can Thank Anyone, Anywhere in Your Organisation

Our social recognition is peer to peer first, but thanks can flow anywhere in the organisation. No matter how working arrangements change and your business grows, make sure your people still feel connected, to each other and the organisation.

Realtime employee engagement score

Realtime employee engagement score

Identify Top Performers and Stay Ahead of the Competition

A healthy culture encourages the surfacing of achievements and makes your high performers and most valuable assets more visible than ever before. We've helped inform performance appraisals, talent management and learning and development with our analytics- all at the request of.

Thanks feeds our analytics tool

Thanks provides you with realtime data and measurements via our Analytics tool

Every interaction with our service creates data insights, to help you understand the impact of your people

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