Ideas & Innovation

An easy to use tool to involve your employees in the future of their organisation

Employee ideation

Stay Ahead of the Competition by Listening to Your Employees

Utilising the ingenuity at all levels in your organisation to keep your organisation growing

Seamlessly Manage Feedback and Decisions on Ideas

Employees can gain support from the colleagues they know are most impacted by their ideas, leadership can then easily and publically feedback to those affected by a decision and assign it to the appropriate people to make it happen!

Realtime employee engagement score

Realtime employee engagement score

Embed the Strategic Vision Into the Front Line

Schedule organisational challenges to inspire and direct your workforce innovation. Connect all levels of decision making in your organisation and maximise the impact of existing employee voice programs.

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Ideas feeds our analytics tool

Ideas provides you with realtime data and measurements via our Analytics tool

Every interaction with our service creates data insights, to help you understand the impact of your people

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