People Analytics

All of our tools feed into our analytics platform creating real time, actionable insights.

Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics

  • Realtime reporting over the entire engagement platform
  • Provides you with engagement KPIs
  • Import groupings and external workforce data
  • Carry out all your analysis in one platform and export reports
Realtime employee engagement score

Insights That Span Your Engagement Strategy

Measure and act in real time. Chart anything.

  • Behavioural Analytics

    Behavioural Analytics

    Analytics that span all of our tools reveal how each element of your strategy effects the engagement score of your organisation.

  • Live Your Values

    Live Your Values

    Measure how your values are being lived throughout your organisation and understand what your employees value most.

  • Flexible Groupings

    Flexible Groupings

    Add demographic, diversity or performance data to our platform to build strategic insights.

Insights That Span Your Engagement Strategy

Carry out all of your reporting in one platform or export our data for external analysis.

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Understand Your Company Values

Many of the greatest companies in the world are using culture to differentiate themselves; helping attract, engage and retain the top talent.

Your company values and the way your employees behave are crucial elements of this. We offer a data-led way to understand how values surface in your employees and managers everyday behaviours.

Can you answer today how connected Gen Y are to your company values?

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Realtime employee engagement score
Analytics feeds our analytics tool

Your Engagement Feeds Our Analytics

Every interaction with our service creates data insights, to help you understand the impact of your people

Understand who your key influencers are

Understand Who Your Key Influencers Are

Breakdown behaviour to understand the key types of people that influence your organisational culture or identify any areas of risk before they develop.

Who are the people that influence your culture?

How do you identify the quiet heroes that other people rely on and recognise them?

We can help you answer these questions.

Import Any Data

Any useful data about your employees can be imported to our platform.

Understand the impact of a high potential employee or verify the results of your engagement survey as you carry out your action plan.

Realtime employee engagement score

Produce Reports With the Finest Granularity

Groupings allow you to look at behaviour across any number of demographics.

Carry out complex diversity analysis, identify highly engaged teams with managers that are skilled motivators, track key KPIs in real time and more.

Whether your question is… Do Gen Y post more ideas than Gen X? Are women recognised more frequently than men? Do people earning less than £30K get rewarded more frequently? What happens if we educate our managers about recognition? There is no question we won't tackle.

Realtime employee engagement score

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